Tau Spa Oasis

Spa Packages

60 min R626
Intonga (Stick) Massage: Intonga is a deep tissue and stress relieving treatment. Skillful
movements are performed with the hands, while different sized wooden sticks are used to
stretch tight muscles and ease toxic overload from daily stress. Symbolically the stick
represented wisdom and direction to the healer. Created from wood, the stick symbolized
growth and abundance, and the traditional healer knew that the energy of the earth was a
valuable tool, not only in massaging the individual, but also for its intrinsic ability to absorb
and purify negativity, re-channelling energy flow.



60 min R556
Aromatherapy Full Body Massage: Aromatherapy is the unique combination of
aromatherapy essential oils, to enhance and rebalance health & well-being with a light
pressure massage. Your essential oils will be chosen for specific ailments.



60 min R505
Swedish Full Body Treatment: The classic body massage will ease muscular tension, aid in
promoting a restful sleep whilst increasing blood circulation and lymphatic flow. For this
deep massage we utilize natural sweet almond oil or grapeseed oil with no essential oils



30 min R364
Back & Neck Massage: Experience a deep tissue back massage that will assist in relaxing
taught, sore muscles.



30 min R253
African Head Massage: Eases muscle spasms in the neck and headaches. The shoulders,
neck, face and scalp is given an amazing concentrated massage incorporating pressure
points and draining movements.



30 min R192
Deep Relaxing Foot Massage: Experience true African hospitality with our signature foot
massage – your feet are pampered by a true African warming foot massage leaving you
feeling refreshed and relaxed.



90 min R768
Soul of Africa Body Conditioning Massage: A ceremonial process, using Africa's ‘miracle’ oil,
blended with Neroli, to soften signs of ageing through its anti-stress action. Benzoin further
acts as an anti-inflammatory and aids chapped, inflamed and irritated skin. Traditionally
Marula was used in anointment ceremonies to bless and bring abundance.



Back & Neck                       30 min R384
Back, Neck & Feet              45 min R465
Full Body                             60 min R576
Hot Stone Massage: Hot stone massage is a unique connection we experience with nature,
offering a sense of profoundness and sacredness that we too often forget. Hot stone
massage is a specialty massage that uses smooth, heated basalt stones. It is a deeply
soothing, relaxing form of massage and the warmth of the hot stones improves circulation
and calms the nervous system.





Our Spa Packages include spa refreshments, time in our Steam Room, quiet time in our
Tau Relaxation Sala whilst enjoying our signature African Foot Treat.

P1. The Tau Spa Oasis Journey


This special spa treatment is created to leave you with special memories of your time at the Tau Spa Oasis. 
It includes many luxuries during the 120min treatment starting with a relaxing session in the steam room set up and infused with fresh herbs and ice-cold cucumber slices for your eyes. 
Your body is massaged to a velvety soft touch with an exfoliating Snowbush scrub. 
After a refreshing shower the body is sprayed with Orange & Frankincense water and the Tau Spa Oasis Journey is completed with a full body massage using special blended aroma oils.
For one 120 min R850
For two 120 min R1600

P2. 3-Hour Bliss

R 1250.00


Our aim in the 3-Hour Bliss is to gently take away the stresses of everyday life and slowly introduce your mind, body and soul to pure indulgence and cocooning bliss. 
Included in your package is time in our steam room, a full body exfoliation followed by a revitalizing shower, Tau Spa Oasis Repair Facial, full body massage, indulgent milk hydro-bath and our African Foot Ritual – pure bliss!

P4. Stress-relieving Detoxifying Package

R 850.00

Start your two hour journey with an invigorating full body dry brushing to rid the skin of all dead cells, followed by an invigorating peppermint hydro bath.

Your skin is treated and restored with an anti-oxidant soothing facial, whilst your feet are being renewed & pedicured to perfection.

Relaxes stress & fatigue away!



(for Conference/Incentive groups)
The Tau Oasis offers corporate packages which are designed to be included as part of a conference/group incentive itinerary to rejuvenate and energize the guests. We understand time is valuable during conferences, and have combined specially chosen
treatment options into 60min and 90min slots.
Nomadic Pride Package A: 60 min R450.00
You may choose from the following options for this package:
1. Begin your hour treatment with a Foot washing ritual, followed by a 45min hot stone back massage and a foot massage, or
2. Enjoy a full body aroma exfoliation, followed by a 30min body hydrating massage, or
3. Experience pure relaxation with our African Head Massage followed by the African Foot Ritual.
Nomadic Pride Package B: 90 min R650.00
You may choose from the following options for this package:
1. Ease muscular tension away with our one-hour deep tissue full body massage followed by a mini hydrating facial, or
2. Infused with pure essential oils, we cocoon your body with a hydrating and relaxing wrap, followed by a warm shower and then smooth out any tension and knots with an intensive neck, shoulder and back massage, or
3. Enjoy a relaxing aroma scalp and head massage followed by a deep relaxing foot massage while the essential oil hair mask softens your hair and treats your scalp. This treatment is concluded with a relaxing therapeutic Hydro Bath treatment.