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Thai massage is a combination of gentle rocking and body stretching techniques with the inclusion of acupressure, which improves the skeletal alignment and increases energy. 
Thai massage is often also referred to as Thai Yoga or Thai bodywork. 
Thai massage is an age old art form found to be dated back to some 2500 years ago, and originating in fact in India and then becoming popular in Thailand.
The massage movements are performed on the floor and in some instances on a plinth, and are designed to increase general overall body flexibility and to re-enable movement and flexibility and in so doing de-cress the stress levels of the clientele.
Classic Thai massage doesn't use oil. Stretching of all ligaments is predominant and the client remains fully clothed during many of the treatments. 
The treatment is often embellished with elements of Chinese reflexology. 
This makes the client feel centred balanced emotionally and spiritually.
The yoga stretches stimulate the meridians. 
Acupuncture points are used in order to improve muscle massage and joint stimulation.