Moments of Wellness

“Me Time” Packages

“ Return to the Roots”
includes Steam Room session , body scrub, hot stone massage
MOW signature scalp, neck, shoulder massage
Duration, 2,5 Hours for R550
“Relax and Revive”
Includes Steam Room session, out door shower self scrub,
full Body wrap, Full Body Massage, MOW signature Pedicure,
Healthy Snack
Duration: 3.5 Hours for R950
“Self Love”
includes Steam Room session, Jacuzzi Session,
Facial, Nails , Mow signature Pedicure, Full Body Massage,
Healthy Lunch,
Duration: Half Day for R1350




“Let’s Reunite”
Includes Welcome drink
“one on one” body exfoliation, outdoor shower,
Steam Room Session, Full Body Massage “Top to Toe”
Duration 2 Hours for R1000
“ Romeo & Juliet”
includes Welcome sparkling drink
Steam Room session, Back Body Scrub,
MOW signature pedicure
Full Body Massage, Healthy Snack, Jacuzzi session
Duration Half Day for R1800
“Duke & Duchesse”
includes Jacuzzi session with sparkling arrival drink,
Healthy Lunch, Pedicure, back body scrub, Full Body Massage
and MOW Scalp, Neck, Shoulder Massage, Steam room session
Gift to take home
Duration Full Day for R2550



“Packages For 10 or More”

“Let’s Come Together”
includes Steam Room Session, MOW signature Scalp, Neck,
Shoulder Massage, MOW signature Manicure,Welcome Drink
Jacuzzi session
Duration: Half Day for R4500 ( for 10 pax)
“Spoiling Us”
includes Steam Room Session, MOW signature Pedicure Or
Manicure,Welcome Drink, Healthy Lunch,
Back Scrub, full body Massage, Jacuzzi session
Duration: Half Day for R6000 (for 10 pax)
“Let’s Detox”
includes, Steam Room session, Self Service Body Scrub, Detox
Body Wrap, Full Body Massage, Reflexology,, Jacuzzi
Healthy Lunch,Welcome Drink, Home Care Gift Set
Duration Half Day for R7000 (for 10 pax)