Limelight Spa

P1: In the Limelight - Signature Experience

R 1200.00


Our signature treat unfolds an extraordinary spa journey of breathtaking bliss throughout. The fresh fragrances of lime & lemongrass, mood lighting & music resonates an experience like no other...
  • Indulge & unwind with a full body aromatic candle massage
  • Drift onto the smothering of a full body sweet & savory scrub
  • Mellow into a hydrating milk petal bath
  • Flow with the warmth of a harmonizing sublime body wrap
  • Snooze off with a soothing scalp massage
  • Lunch & drinks

P2: The Executive - Unisex

R 550.00


This power hour is to de-stress & uplift the disceming individual
  • Full body - A choice of Swedish / Hot Stone or Sports Massage
  • Deluxe foot treat with caviar gel foot soak, exfoliation & pressure point massage
  • Spa drinks incl.

P3: The Millenium Man

R 750.00


Dream yourself confident with instant all in one triple action grooming essentials for a more radiant, fresh & natural look.
  • Back: Purifying exfoliation, moisturizing mask, relaxing massage
  • Face: Deep cleanse exfoliation, energizing mask, soothing massage
  • Feet: Foaming exfoliation, hydrating mask, pressure point massage
  • Snacks & drinks

P4: Manscaping

R 800.00


Escape the norm and zone in for the ultimate spa experience
  • Re-energizing full body Swedish Massage
  • Radiant boosting facial
  • Hands and nail grooming with specialized buffing techniques & treatment
  • Snacks & drinks incl.

P5 : Exotic Eastern Elixir

R 850.00


A traditional Indian elixir of aromatic essence that encapsulates, embalms & beautifies the body using blends of aroma oils, scented herbs and spices
  • Aromatherapy full body massage
  • Traditional Indian head massage
  • Authentic herbal bath soak
  • Incl. Spiced tea & snack

P6: Sensorial Bliss

R 950.00


A super deluxe and unique indulgence of magic moments
  • Invigorating steam treatment
  • Full Body Limelight Massage
  • Hydra-indulgence facial
  • Deluxe Spa pedicure
  • Spa lunch & drinks incl

P7: Couple By Candlelight


R1000.00 pp
Spa together throughout in our exclusive private suite & enjoy total indulgence, sophistication & luxury
  • Indulge in a full body 5* limelight massage
  • Relax with a relieving scalp massage
  • Uplift your senses with a revitalizing facial
  • Immerse yourselves & soak into an aromatic hydro milk bath
  • Fine Dining & drinks incl.

P8: An Exotic Escape Beyond Paradise

R 1600.00


Escape the day and journey the way of timeless appeal to an experience of sensual spa pleasure that is... "out of the ordinary"
  • Steam treatment
  • Full Body Scrub
  • Full Body 5* limelight massage
  • Moisture replenishing body balm
  • Scalp Massage
  • Radiance Boosting Facial Treatment
  • Deluxe spa manicure
  • Deluxe spa pedicure
  • Spa Snacks, Lunch & drinks incl.

Spa Package

Welcome Drink
Re-energize with a Rhythmic Flow from Top-to-Toe Full Back of the
Body Swedish Massage
Revitalize your senses with a Macadamia Crushed Gommage
Back Exfoliant, whisk your skin with a Blitz of Refreshing Kernel extract
A Relaxing & Tension Relieving Scalp Massage
A Feet Treat – Lavender Infused Cleansing Foot Soak & Foot
Exfoliation. A Pampering Leg & Foot Massage with a Peppermint Mask Foot treatment
A Hand Treat – Foaming Hand Soak with a Chocolate
Hand Exfoliation & Illuminating Chocolate Mask with A Comforting Hand Massage
An Aromatic Heated Hydro Jacuzzi Time Out Treat
Sip & Snack on flavors of Fresh Fruit… Pastries… & Cocktails
NB: This 3hr package is for 2 or more persons only