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ASANTE is a KiSwahili word meaning "Thank you, Re a leboga, Siyabonga, Rolivhuwa, Ha-nkhensa, Dankie".

We at House of Asante Spa embrace gratitude and humility for the abundance of love, health and wellbeing, for the beauty, the serenity and the joy that surrounds us always. We are forever grateful for the loyalty and trust of our great friendships and partnership and customers, and take pride in our staff's commitment and dedication to detailed personalized attention in all we do.
For all of these, and more, ASANTE SANA (thank you very much).
We are, because you are!

House of Asante for Health and Beauty Institute and Day Spa is an upmarket sanctuary of peace and tranquillity situated in the heart of Polokwane.

House of Asante takes pride in their attention to detail and offers their clients a truly exclusive and rejuvenating experience.

The Spa focuses on wellness and the promotion of a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. The programmes services and environment all complement each other towards the achievement of this mission.

The welcoming atmosphere from the reception area, with its soothing soft sounds that circulate and continuously wash through the clean fresh surfaces complemented by the spas highly qualified staff and the state of the art equipment, is truly assuring of the passion with which the spa considers clients health and wellbeing.

Their philosophy is a healthy person is a beautiful person. The motto: 'Holistic Natural Beauty from within': sums up their belief that beauty is not a once off event, but a healthy preventative and sustained life style journey.

The spa uses Algologie products, with the natural ingredients of sea weeds and algae, sea salt, and sea water. The healing power of sea water is acknowledged throughout the world: The properties of sea water have beneficial effect upon pores of the skin. Trace elements of magnesium, potassium, calcium sulphates and sodium, all found in sea water are readily absorbed through the skin. Vitamins are also readily absorbed in blood steams. Sea water contain loads of iodine beneficial for hormonal effectiveness.