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Beauty comes in many forms. They share a common thread: a perceptual reality whereby our senses are pleasurably experienced in a peculiar and surprising way.
The philosophy and work behind the attainment of physical beauty is not as vain a pursuit as on first glance it may appear.
Beauty is linked with success, happiness and fulfillment in life.
Physical beauty imbues confidence on oneself, which in turn generates freedom. As long as you are not obsessive about it.
Some would even argue that beauty when handled in this way generates more beauty.
The investment in taking care of the aesthetic side of life actually takes you outside of the ego by connecting more readily on social and transpersonal levels.
Facial aesthetics is the science and art of beautification based on principles that are less founded on socialisation than on the more ancestro-genetic influences at play.
Modern facial aesthetic practice involves a multi-disciplinary approach to the foundation of anti-ageing, pure aesthetics, and regenerative techniques to provide to the patient a balanced and tailored programme.
In this case the modalities of injectable treatments, minimally invasive suture techniques, and resurfacing and regenerative strategies combined with good quality sun protection are all combined to give a more total package.
Patients that come for treatment are from the ages of approximately 20 years to 70 years and older. The younger age groups are not too concerned about ageing effects – what they’re coming for is beauty enhancements – fuller lips, cheekbones and even some brow region Botox in some cases.
Rejuvenation is best approached with a holistic game plan