Holistic Health Spa

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Holistic Health Spa ™ (Aphroditsy Branch) is a health and wellness institute and an Urban Getaway ™
located in the very quiet area of Kenmare, Krugersdorp. 
They are known to restore, balance and uplift your inner being through our years of expertise, deep relaxation- and healing therapies.
They strongly believe in treating the person as a whole, organically and alternatively by which they stick by the old Chinese saying that: ‘Prevention is better than cure’.
The spa offers a wide variety of tailor-designed Spa, Healing and Hair treatments to complement each guest’s needs and that will ensure that you embark on an unforgettable Health Journey.
With their great selection of only the finest products,100% pure Aromatherapy oils, 98% natural, vegan and environmentally friendly products and never been tested on animals, we ensure optimum result orientated treatments.
The property is arty and decorated in true Aphroditsy style meaning to ‘stimulate all senses’.
It consists of a lounge area, 4 dining areas – inside and out doors, 4 spa therapy rooms, of which one is a double therapy room, a healing room, mediation area, hair and nail division and an outside heated pool for guests to enjoy!
To eat, we ensure our clients have an interesting, scrumptious and healthy Spa food selection for the
day! Here you will experience authentic deep relaxation and healing, enthusiastic - friendly, and internationally qualified staff and will departure from us as a friend of our Holistic Health Team.