Eagle Canyon Day Spa

Eagle Canyon Day Spa Photo Eagle Canyon Day Spa Photo

Immersed in an enchanting fusion of Asian décor and African ambiance, Eagle Canyon Day Spa presents itself as Johannesburg's latest destination spa - where wellness is the true destination.

Along with an Asian decor- where clean, contemporary lines of geometric whites & grays are blended with splashes of therapeutic tones of red and purple - the Spa is washed by a sensory light and features a show-stopper central pond of stepping stones, over-hung by a reflective swing.
Indeed, upon entering the Eagle Canyon Day Spa, the guest will be captivated by a sense of calmness, continuity and peaceful abundance, where hand-picked Eastern furniture pieces are hand painted and Cherry Blossom wallpaper used to tranquil effect.
The spa's luxurious facilities, meanwhile, present a renaissance for the senses, including eight treatment rooms (two are dual rooms and one of which is a Presidential Suite complete with en suite Vitality Pool), innovative dry Floatation Bed (15 minutes on which is believed to equate to a full night's rest!), sauna and a Rasul chamber with colour therapy LED ceiling lights.
Along with an additional Vitality Pool, a nail suite (featuring a pedicure lounge) and hair salon (externally owned but located within the spa) you will also encounter the Spa Café which serves up healthy cuisine, smoothies and drinks.
After your treatment, the Relaxation Room - with a central water ball presenting a metaphor for the continuity of abundance - is the space to relax and consider your time spent in regeneration.
Eagle Canyon Day Spa - pure wellness for body, mind and soul.
Trading hours are as follows:
Monday - closed
Tues - Fri - 9am to 6pm
Sat - 8am to 6pm
Sun - 9am to 2 pm