De Oude Kraal Spa

De Oude Kraal Spa Photo De Oude Kraal Spa Photo

A Luxurious Bloemfontein Spa

De Oude Kraal Spa is a Bloemfontein Spa that will offer you an unforgettable spa experience. De Oude Kraal Spa has outstanding facilities to provide for holistic health and relaxation. This luxurious Free State, Bloemfontein spa has highly skilled and trained staff to offer you a perfect spa experience.
Your spa experience will take place on a Merino sheep farm, where De Oude Kraal Spa is situated. You will experience a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for a day of spa pampering treatments. This Bloemfontein spa experience will leave you relaxed, rejuvenated, and energized.
The Spa decor is very unique; having the Merino sheep as the main theme throughout the spa and this theme is evident in all aspects of the spa decor, spa treatment rooms, spa treatments names, textures and colour schemes.
"Indulge yourself in the realm of a lamb, accepting the comforts of a soft embrace with content.
Their Spa will enhance each encounter you experience as comforting (as that of a lamb nestling into the soft touch of calming fibers.)  You will be entwined with ageless lanolin to supplement what your body and soul desires to become a total person 
again in the kraal of "De Oude Kraal." 
Nestle closer to join their flock- J.N. Moolman