Chi-Chi's Holistic Wellness Retreats & MindSpa Group

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Chi-Chi's MindSpas offers you something completely different to any other spa. Indulge in the option to relax and calm your busy mind with the help of positive, inspiring, guided visualizations to relax tense muscles in your body, letting go of stressful, negative thoughts, releasing happy hormones.
Whilst receiving this positive motivation, release the "charge" from your central nervous system and re-align stiff back, shoulder and neck muscles, whilst lying on our electronic, far infrared, chiropractic massage bed, preparing your body for the most relaxing aromatherapy massage…this is our best seller DE-STRESS package!
This unique combo of positive visualization and FDA approved chiropractic technology in combination with the usual spa pamper,  guarantees profound mental AND physical relaxation.  A tense mind leads to a tense body and vice-versa. Not all our spa pamper includes this unique concept and is completely optional. The chiropractic bed and visualizations can be used completely on it's own separately too.
Overnight spa retreat packages is also available at our Stellenbosch retreat, which is very popular with couple's special celebrations.
We look forward to pampering you soon!