Camelot International - Houghton

Camelot International is committed to providing each learner with the best education.  
We offer learners of all ages courses that are run on a Full Time, Part Time, modular and private tuition basis.  
As well as a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) Customised for the Somatology Environment.
Not only do we offer exclusive student kits, as required for studies, but Full Time students will receive a notebook PC while also having WiFi access to our intranet network.  
Additionally we provide you with your own personal salon and spa business software to facilitate your learning experience and prepare you for the world of spa business.
Camelot International offers extensive in-house product training and has easy payment options for your convenience.
We recommend a personal interview in order to obtain further information as well as to assess your abilities to fulfil a career in Health & Skin Care Therapy.
Health and Skin Care Therapy Training Programmes
We offer the following training programmes:
Diploma in Health and Skincare Therapy (Two year full-time )
Diploma in Natural and Holistic Therapies (Third year full time / Part time)
Diploma in Therapeutic Aromatherapy (Two Year)
Diploma in Therapeutic Reflexology (Two Year)
Diploma in Therapeutic Massage Therapy (Two Year)
Camelot offers the following modular courses: 
• Advance Aromatherapy I & II
• Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology
• Body Therapy (Basic to Advance) 
• Diet and Nutrition therapy
• Hot Stone Therapy 
• Iridology 
• Hawaiian massage
• Laser, electrolysis 
• Make-up Techniques I & II 
• Indian Head Massage 
• Cold glass therapy
• Manicure and Pedicure 
• Nail Technology (Acrylic, Gel & Fibre)
• Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Dr.Vodder)
• Advanced Reflexology I & II
• Reiki therapy 
• Skin Care Therapy I & II (Basic to Advance)
• Swedish Body Massage 
• Sports Massage
• Spa Therapy 
• Shiatsu & Meridian Therapy
• Indian Head Massage
• Waxing
Advanced post-graduate courses which include:
• Hot Stone Therapy
• Iridology
• Indian Head Massage
• Spa Therapy
• Spa Management
• Shiatsu
• Sports Massage
• Laser Therapy
• Cold Glass Therapy
• Hawaiian Massage