Hoogland Health Hydro

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The Hoogland Health Hydro near Pretoria offers you a unique combination of diet, treatments and brisk outdoor mountain walks that cleanse body, mind and soul.

Hoogland Health Hydro has designed a hydro holiday to help you survive in the modern world. Nature's holiday will invigorate you, add quality to your life and make you feel on top of the world.

A visit to Hoogland does for your body what a service does for your car. Your individualized programme can vary from intensive medical therapy to self indulging relaxation.

Hoogland Health Hydro offers a wide range of specific treatments and unlimited access to steam bath, Sitz bath, sauna, Turkish bath, water jet massage, Jacuzzi, heated swimming pools and a gym.

The tranquil peace of Mother Nature assists the Hoogland hydro therapies which have been successfully tried and tested over the years to heal not just an ache or pain, but the whole body. The holistic approach ensures that you can make the most of your life as a healthy, vibrant person. Escape to the fountainhead of good health in the Schurveberg, away from the rat-race of city living.

A Serene Approach to Good Health.
Living means so much more than just existing - continued good health is a dream we all aspire to.

At Hoogland Health Hydro we bring closer that dream by taking you away from the stressful facets of your life. We can assist you in realising your full potential of a vibrant energetic physique. The relaxed atmosphere is conducive to peace of mind & body, allowing you to revitalize whilst enjoying the company of others also seeking good health.

So much more than a Spa!

Whether you need to experience complete rest and relaxation, improve fitness, focus on weight management, and/or just need some decadent pampering, we are at your service. With the benefit of varied hydro therapies, an adjustable diet programme, exercise, health lectures, and a whole range of professional body and face therapies, you will be mentally, emotionally and physically recharged.

Winter time at Hoogland Hydro has many special advantages: The various heat treatments such as steam rooms, saunas and heated pools all serve to keep you warm and cosy. At night the log fire in the lounge burns to keep you company. To top that up, we have a warm, caring, friendly team to indulge you.