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Spend your Voyager Miles SAA Voyager members are now able to pay for their spa visits using their Voyager Miles. You can do this by buying Health Spas Guide instant spa vouchers and using the vouchers to pay for your spa visits. However, you CANNOT spend your miles directly at the spas.

Buying Steps

To view a step by step visual guide click here(opens in a new window)
Go to the SAA Voyager website and Login with your 4 digit pin number.

If you don't have your pin you would need to contact SAA Voyager on 011 978 1234 and they will sms the pin to you within minutes. You can also email them on with your voyager number in the subject line.

Please ensure that you have the following details on hand to ensure a quick outcome. ID Number Physical address Contact number The email option usually takes about 24 hours. We recommend you call them now to beat the expiry rush.

Click My Voyager on the right hand side Go to Awards and click on View More Go to Non Air Awards and click on Issue On the Award Type drop-down select Lifestyle and click the Continue button On the Award Type drop-down select the award (voucher) you want...

  • Select the title of the recipient
  • Enter the First Name of the recipient
  • Enter the last Name of the recipient
  • Press the "Continue" button

If asked for a reservation number enter HSG 2019 in the box provided. The next screen will ask you to check that all is correct. If you are happy you must click the Continue button. You will then be taken to the site.

On the HealthSpas site you can complete the order by entering the message details, choosing a voucher template, entering delivery details and confirming your contact information. Once completed the voucher will be emailed to the recipient either immediately, or at a later date if you chose a specific future delivery date.

NB: If you do not reach the HealthSpas site - or lose your connection for whatever reason - please forward the Voyager Non-Airline Award Request email you will receive from SAA to or give us a call on 0861 771 772 / +27 31 242 2212, so we can complete the transaction on your behalf. You can buy as many vouchers as you like. Spa vouchers are valid at all listed Health Spas Guide website (350+)

Voucher Values
There are fifteen voucher options available...

1. R 250 voucher 6 250 miles
2. R 500 voucher 12 500 miles
3. R 750 voucher 18 750 miles
4. R 1,000 voucher 25 000 miles
5. R 1,250 voucher 31 250 miles
6. R 1,500 voucher 37 500 miles
7. R 2,000 voucher 50 000 miles
8. R 3,000 voucher 75 000 miles
9. R 4,000 voucher 100 000 miles
10. R 5,000 voucher 125 000 miles
11. R 6,000 voucher 150 000 miles
12. R 7,000 voucher 175 000 miles
13. R 8,000 voucher 200 000 miles
14. R 9,000 voucher 225 000 miles
15. R 10,000 voucher 250 000 miles

Earn Voyager Miles

SAA Voyager members can also EARN Voyager Miles when purchasing Health Spas Guide vouchers to use as payment for their spa bookings.

When you signup to purchase the spa voucher here, make sure you enter your Voyager Member Number in the field provided.

You can join and earn Miles by clicking here.

Voyager miles when redeemed for voucher can only be used within South Africa.