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Fairlawns Boutique Hotel & Spa

Approximately 4 hrs R2 400.00 per person
Gently treat your body with an energising Balinese Spiced
Exfoliation and Body Wrap before enjoying a Full Body Massage
of your choice. Then regenerate your skin with a Power Booster
Facial and finish off with a grooming Classic Manicure or Pedicure.
Choose to start the day with a full English breakfast or rather enjoy
a healthy two course lunch with your package.


Approximately 2 hrs R3 600.00 per couple
Enjoy a romantic time together starting with a Relaxing Bath Soak
in the soft glow of candlelight before your side-by-side Soy Candle
Massage, followed by a Pressure Point Foot Massage. You will
receive a complementary bottle of sparkling wine to enjoy during
your bath, or with your three course fine dining lunch or dinner.


Full day R6 400.00 per couple
Escape from the hustle and begin a relaxing day with a Continental
Breakfast at Amuse-Bouche restaurant before softening your
tense muscles in our Aromatic Steam Room. Your journey then
continues with a soak in a Relaxing Hydro Bubble Bath, including
a bottle of sparkling wine in the Spa Bali Garden. You’ll then move
on to a side-by-side full body massage of your choice and a classic
customised facial. After this you then get to take a break and sit
down to a two course lunch before your Indian Head Massage.
Finish off your journey with a Classic Manicure and Pedicure.


Approximately 4 hrs R2 300.00 per person
Pamper yourself with the essential treatments, starting with a Full
Body Massage followed by a Classic Customised Facial. Re-energise
your body with a healthy two course lunch, before continuing your
relaxation with a Classic Manicure and Classic Pedicure.


Approximately 2 hrs R1 500.00 per person
Start off with an invigorating Full Body
Exfoliation, followed by a Full Body Massage of
your choice. End off with a choice between a
Relaxing Pressure Point Foot Massage or
Indian Head Massage.


2 hrs R1 400.00
An Aromatic Steam followed by a Full Body
Rejuvenating Scrub customised Clay Body
Wrap, finishing off with a Deep Tissue Full Body Massage.


2 hrs R1 600.00
Rejuvenate and hydrate your skin with a Power
Booster Facial followed by a Specialised Soy
Candle Massage, ending off with a Luxurious Foot Treat.


2 hrs R1 400.00
Enjoy an invigorating Deep Tissue Massage
to relieve daily stresses, followed by a Hydrating Men’s Facial, and ending with a grooming Manicure.


2 hrs 30 mins R4 200.00 per person
Escape the city and reenergise with accommodation and breakfast in a Grand Château suite. Start your Spa journey with a Full Body
Balinese Bamboo Massage, soak in a Green Tea hydro bath and relax next to the pool with a foot massage treatment. Unwind in the sauna or steam room and end your journey with a Radiance Booster Facial.


1 hr 30 mins R990.00 per person
Mandi Lulur Floral Blossom Bath
Full Body Spiced Exfoliation
Pondicherry Foot Ritual


1 hr 30 mins R990.00 per person
Your treatment begins with our Pondicherry Foot Ritual – a time- honoured welcome for the weary traveller. Your feet and lower
legs will be cleansed with rose petal and peppermint water, and then scrubbed with sea salt. Complete your journey with a Balinese
Bamboo Massage in our therapeutic Balinese spa garden.


30 min R400.00 
1 person only
Mandi Lulur Floral Blossom Bath
Mandi Susu Hydrating Milk Bath
Mandi Rempah Spice Bath
Mandi The Hijau Green Tea Bath
Mandi Kopi Coffee bath
Unwind and destress. A relaxing bath customised for you.