Chi-Chi's Retreats and Mindspa

Chi-Chi's Retreats and Mindspa Photo Chi-Chi's Retreats and Mindspa Photo

Their unique MindSpa concept "calms the mind" and "calms the central nervous system", which leads you into a deep sense of relaxation, before they commence with your spa pamper.
This combination guarantees profound mental and physical relaxation, unlike any other spa experience you've ever had!
Every spa visit starts with an optional complimentary 10-30min visualisation session, "calming the mind". Their main focus is to de-stress the guests.
Their team of integrative medical doctors, holistic psychologists and therapists located in Stellenbosch and Somerset West, will formulate a holistic wellness retreat program me for you if you are ill, feeling overwhelmed by life in general,  or suffering any type of dysfunction, stress, trauma and imbalance in your life. 
Their team of doctors and therapist are unlike any others you have ever met. Their passion is to serve and heal humanity naturally from the inside out, trying their best to avoid a chemical solution, which only treats the symptom of what's really going on within your body and life, but is also sometimes essential.
For their locals, save time and money by not having to travel somewhere far away to check into a retreat or hydro, leaving your family and work behind. 
They teach you natural ways and tools and techniques to help you help yourself, incorporating it into your current schedule at work and home.
Guests from all over the world, check into their retreats program for anything from 1-30days.
They have done years of research, travelling to the world's leading wellness retreats and clinics and have assembled all the best tools, techniques and therapies creating a winning formula, that works for anyone and anything! 
Their mission is to become your health advocate and get to the "root cause" of your imbalance or discomfort, looking at various medical tests & results, your lifestyle, food intake, exercise, supplements, stress relief techniques, relationships, emotions abilities, and take an overall holistic integrative approach, teaching you new ways to cope find a balance and restore your mind and body to a deep sense of inner power and peace again.