About the Health Spas Guide

The Health Spas Guide was launched in March 2003. At that time it listed less than 10 spas. Two and a half years later (October 2005) the web site offered information about almost 100 health spas, hydros and wellness centres in South and Southern Africa.

Two more years later (October 2007) the number of spas listed passed the 200 mark.

The Health Spas Guide now lists over 300 spas.

The Gift Certificate Programme is managed by Shelley Johnson and offers vouchers that can be used at all spas listed on the web site. It is popular with both individuals and corporate clients.

The Health Spas Guide web site was developed inhouse. Credit for the original design belongs to designer Nikila Beaton who immersed herself in the world of health spas in order to do a great job. She and Nadia Naidoo worked into many a long night.

Nowadays the web site evolves on a continous basis and content is added to and updated daily.

If you are a visitor to this web site

If you are a visitor to this web site, and would like to make a comment or suggestion, or ask a question, you would be most welcome to do so, please email your query to info@healthspas.co.za.

If you are a health spa owner or manager

If you represent a health spa in Southern Africa, you may wish to have details of your spa included on this web site. In fact the decision is a 'no-brainer'. In effect you will get a mini-website which is part of a large website with high profile search engine listings - the last time we researched on www.google.com (worldwide) www.healthspas.co.za was listed at # 1 of 2 470 000 results.

For more information about listing your spa click here.